Guest Post: Hooked

Hook - indwelling_fire
Not all the children made it out safely. Thanks to Reddit user indwelling_fire for sharing!

Guest Post: Tink’s Weakness

Tinker - StarryEyedLepus
Guest Post: Tink’s Weakness

Peter discovers where Tink’s been crashing for the last few days. Well done from Reddit user StarryEyedLepus.

Guest Post: Tink

Fairy - indirobomoore
Guest Post:

Reddit user indirobomoore submitted this page! Share your own corruptions here:



He’s had enough of her tiny antics! Color your own corruptions and share them here!

Guest Post: Pumpkin Pedo

Pumpkin - Ava Strabury
Guest Post: Pumpkin Pedo

Peter Piper had a problem, a deep psychological problem. Ava Strabury created this fine corruption.