Guest Post: Swapped

BuzzWoody - i_like_carrot
Woody helps Buzz get a grip on what they are about to do. Thanks to Reddit user i_like_carrot for sharing.

Guest Post: Skool

Vets - John James
The Vets in training needed to see how the insides worked. Thanks to John James for this page.

Guest Post: Innocence

Friends - perpetuality
Puppy thought he got a new friend, Puppy was wrong. Thanks to perpetuality via Reddit for this.

Guest Post: Baby Bear

Bad Bear - Brittany Arrigo
The world had never seen such evil, or something so adorable. Thanks to Brittany Arrigo for sharing!

Guest Post: Supper

Lion - spanxxxy
Leonard once again cheated on his diet. Thanks to spanxxxy via Reddit for this one.

Guest Post: Peeps

Bunny - nylos
While more expensive than hoped for, his first night out as an adult exceeded all expectations. Thanks to Reddit user nylos for sharing!

Guest Post: Pooned

Whalers - pinned_down_and_fist
In hindsight, that shortcut through the Sea of Japan was a bad idea. Thanks to pinned_down_and_fist via Reddit for sharing!

Guest Post: Sassy Sailor

Jake - Kaiser
I’ve never watched this show. Looks fun. Thanks to Kaiser for sharing.

Guest Post: Minions

Eye - gockosham
Think I got a leaked poster for the new movie coming out! Thanks to Reddit user gockosham for sharing.

Guest Post: Safe Word

SafeWord - Anonymous
What’s the safe word today? Hint: It’s NSFW! Thanks to the anonymous corrupted soul who sent this in.

Guest Post: Paint Day

Painting - perpetuality
It’s always so satisfying to get started on those art projects you’ve been planning. Thanks to perpetuality via Reddit!

Guest Post: Crackodile

Croc - meowmix_factory
Ronny prefers to be called by his street name – D Licoius. Thanks to meowmix_factory via Reddit for this one!

Guest Post: Lucky Day

Sex Trade - Brittany Arrigo
Look’s like Lucky is having a hard time following instructions! Brittany Arrigo shared this page.

Guest Post: Hail Satan

Satan - Tito609
It wasn’t actually an asteroid that did it, but widespread Satanic worship. Thanks to Reddit user Tito609 for this page.

Guest Post: Smile

Smile - Maude Locke
I never knew the Joker had an adorable little girl. Thanks to Maude Locke for sharing!

Guest Post: Getaway

Bank - TraCity
Minnie and Daisy ditched the boys for a much more exciting hobby. Thanks to Reddit user TraCity for this one!

Guest Post: Quiet

Mouse - perpetuality
The quiet ones work best for this hobby. Reddit user perpetuality shared this!

Guest Post: Peeping Pig

Peep - InTheNickOfTime

It’s always better when they cry. Thanks to Reddit user InTheNickOfTime for sharing.

Guest Post: Royal Ritual

Ritual - Stephanie
The princess always gets to play what she wants. Thanks to Stephanie for this page!

Guest Post: Patrick’s Pole

Patrick - Brittany Arrigo
Patrick makes a name for himself at the local club. Thanks to Brittany Arrigo for sharing!