Guest Post: Chick

The hottest chick in the establishment. Thanks to Jini C. for sharing!

Guest Post: Smoke Stacks

There are worse things than being flag handler. Thanks to Isabelle for submitting this one.

Guest Post: Prey

Prey - Crazy_buffalo20

It’s fun when they run! Thanks to Crazy_buffalo20 for this page.

Guest Post: Party Rock

He ain’t afraid to show it. Thanks to aprilify for sharing!

Guest Post: Party

Once filming is done, it’s a good time for everyone. Thanks to Bianca F. for this one!

Guest Post: Madness

Alice tumbles into true Madness. Thanks to Sarah E. Brown for sharing!


Despite your best efforts, sometimes you get it in the face. Submit your own corruptions here:

Guest Post: Snitch

Someone will definitely be needing stitches. Great job by blue_lines!

NSFW Filter Added

Good news! You can now sort of safely browse the main site. The most NSFW posts have been blurred out for your convenience. The rest of the posts are still terrible. Risky move of the day! Good luck!


Let Me IN! Poor Marge. Submit your own corruptions here:

Guest Post: Milkshake

Milkshake -azogburzum
Many aspects of their relationship was left out of the movie. Thanks to Reddit user azogburzum for this page.

Guest Post: Clown

Clown - BourbonFox

Ha ha ha! Great job by BourbonFox!

Not Dead. Stand By.

It’s shocking I know, but I am actually still living. I hope to be sharing some heinous coloring pages soon (and more often). Thanks for sticking around if you have all this time. You’re more loyal than me!

Guest Post: Biter

Bites - ecrone
Ariel’s love of biting goes to far once again. Thanks to Reddit user ecrone for sharing!

Guest Post: Christopher

Christopher - Miwles
Life in the 100 acre woods took a turn for the worse. Thanks to Reddit user Miwles.

Guest Post: Bus

These youngster start the brainwashing early. Thanks to EPIDIDYMIS_HUMMUS for posting.

Guest Post: Thief

Bike - Lawlish
Old man Rutherford doesn’t let age blind his racism. Thanks to Lawlish for sharing.

Guest Post: Underwater Dead

Ariel - Anonymous
Zombie mermaids would be pretty terrifying. Thanks to the Anonymous poster!

Guest Post: Apostles

Apostles - Lolzebracakes
In an alternate universe the characters in the story were a bit different. Thanks to Reddit userĀ Lolzebracakes for sharing.

Guest Post: Futures

War - BourbonFox
Thanks to Reddit user BourbonFox for sharing.