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Guest Post: Pie

Smurfed - IneffableDefinable
Those crazy smurfs and their games. Thanks to Reddit user IneffableDefinable for sharing.

Guest Post: Killmas

Ranedeer - Dustin Dzop Frakes
Some of the reindeer were easier to look upon than others. Dustin Dzop Frakes shared this one, thanks!

Guest Post: Gyros

He picked the worse possible meal for a day of hiking. Another page brought to you by Huff Ma’Crayon!

Guest Post: Sniff

Finger - Julie Mattis
Thanks to Facebook friend Julie Mattis for this page! Color and share your own here:

Guest Post: Stretchy

Snot - King of Crayons
Inevitably, it drooped into his facial hair and was a mess. Thanks to King of Crayons for this page!

Guest Post: Splash Zone

Splash Zone - jrredwing
Guest Post: Splash Zone

Haha, Christie look how fun he is! Christie look! Christie? Thanks to Reddit user jrredwing for sharing!

Guest Post: Rabbit Hole

addicted_to_reddit_-Rabbit Hole

Guest Post: Rabbit Hole

Luckily Bambi wasn’t a favorite of mine, because Reddit user addicted_to_reddit_ would have certainly just ruined it for me.