Guest Post: Magical Moment

Mickey and Minnie have a date night. Thanks to airwrecka91 for this one.

Guest Post: Pterror

Those pesky transformers, can never tell if they’re friendly or not until it’s too late. Thanks to Rosalyn H. for sharing.

Guest Post: Koala

Koala - AskamilliusReddiquis
If you know much about Koalas, you might enjoy this. Thanks to Reddit user AskamilliusReddiquis.

Guest Post: Fuego

Dora - azogburzum
Behind the scenes, Dora is a little more intense. Reddit user azogburzum shared this page.

Guest Post: Roast

Roast - Stephanie
Rabbit was the best roommate, he never judged Dragon for his diet. Thanks to Stephanie for this page!

Guest Post: Anarkitty

Anarchy - Christi Clark
Hello Kitty went through an interesting phase. Christi Clark colored this page, nice job!

Guest Post: Burning

KKK - FistBomb060
Those pesky Klan members are at it again! Thanks to Reddit user FistBomb060 for sharing.

Guest Post: Pyro Princess

Jasmine - cara8bishop
Jasmine’s making a whole new world. Thanks to Reddit user cara8bishop for this one.

Guest Post: Firefly

Firefly - pavlovscats1223s friend
The war was brief, but fierce. Thanks to the unnamed friend of pavlovscats1223 who colored this!

Guest Post: Keep Staring

Laser - zahsome
Nothing like the smell of burning blue bird in the morning. Thanks to Reddit user zahsome for this page.

Guest Post: Family Ties

Miracle - ShaneJentlemen
A family that burns together stays together. Great job by ShaneJentlemen!

Guest Post: Gardening

Flower Burn - Kellie and Andrew
Guest Post: Gardening

She spent all summer growing them for this. Another corruption from Kellie and Andrew!

Guest Post: Hula Kitty

Hula Hoop - Tricia Kleinot
Guest Post: Hula Kitty

Last but certainly not least for today’s theme is another disturbingly cool page from Tricia Kleinot, awesome job!

Guest Post: Fire Kitty

Arson - Hello Kitty Hell
Guest Post: Fire Kitty

Sometimes you just need to burn something. Thanks to Hello Kitty Hell for coloring this page.


Guest Post: Working Hard

Dwarfs - ockensfrolly
Guest Post: Working Hard

This fine corruption was brought to you by Reddit user ockensfrolly. Have one of your own? Share it here:

Guest Post: Holy Hill

Burn - Sabz
Guest Post: Holy Hill

Betty decides getting close enough for an Instagram pic is a bad idea. Thanks go out to Facebook friend Sabz for this page.

Guest Post: A Whole New World

ladymarie - aladdin

Guest Post: A Whole New World

I can show you the world, burning, crackling, blackened! Big thanks to Reddit user ladymarie, one of our most active submitters with splendid work.