Pesky Pelican

Petey Pelican has a particular dislike for mermaids. Share your own corruptions here!

Guest Post: Firefly

Firefly - pavlovscats1223s friend
The war was brief, but fierce. Thanks to the unnamed friend of pavlovscats1223 who colored this!

Guest Post: Sesame Corner

Corner - drdoctorphd
Thanks to Reddit user drdoctorphd for this page! Color and share your own here:

Guest Post: Bouquet

Severed - Laura Cook
Belle creates a new wedding tradition! Thanks to Laura Cook for this corruption!

Guest Post: Mickey-Napped

Sacked - pavlovscats1223
Mickey uses a popular character to close in on unsuspecting victims. Another great job from Reddit user pavlovscats1223.

Guest Post: Princess Pot

Princess - john sedlmayer
Thanks to John Sedlmayer for this page! Have one of your own? Share it here:

Guest Post: The Streets

Homeless - pavlovscats1223
No one likes passing by “Mangy” Bill on their way to work. Reddit user pavlovscats1223 created this corruption!

Guest Post: Keep Staring

Laser - zahsome
Nothing like the smell of burning blue bird in the morning. Thanks to Reddit user zahsome for this page.

Guest Post: Family Ties

Miracle - ShaneJentlemen
A family that burns together stays together. Great job by ShaneJentlemen!

Guest Post: Time’s Up

Time - pavlovscats1223
Mickey completes his New Year’s Resolution this time. Thanks to Reddit user pavlovscats1223 for this one!

Guest Post: Sniff

Finger - Julie Mattis
Thanks to Facebook friend Julie Mattis for this page! Color and share your own here:

Guest Post: Stretchy

Snot - King of Crayons
Inevitably, it drooped into his facial hair and was a mess. Thanks to King of Crayons for this page!

Guest Post: Shag Punk

Shaggy - trishfishmarshall
Thanks to Reddit user trishfishmarshall!  Color and share you own creations here:

Guest Post: Aim

Circle - Atenay
The latest in hunting technology reveals them in their natural environment. This page brought to you by Atenay!

Guest Post: Bad Boy

Pluto - Please_Play_Nice
Pluto had an accident for the third time this week. Thanks to Reddit user Please_Play_Nice!

Guest Post: Minnie’s Habit

Minnie High - Please_Play_Nice
After Mickey left the downward spiral began. Thanks to Reddit user Please_Play_Nice for this one!

Guest Post: Glow

Guardian - Maya Corredor
A golden light in the dark provides the distraction. Another page from Facebook friend Maya Corredor!

Guest Post: Spike Snaps

Spike - Lady_BeepBop
Thanks to Reddit user Lady_BeepBop for this page. Color and share your own here: