Guest Post: Pollution

This place really went to crap after the tourist found it. Thanks to Huff Ma’Crayon for this page!

Guest Post: Petting Farm

Grover was no longer welcome after the incident came to light. Thanks to AiryHola502 for sharing.

Guest Post: Anti-Peace

The umbrella was good planning on her part. Thanks to BoredPony for sharing.

Secret Garden

The first time was just to see how it felt. Have a corruption of your own? Submit it here:

Guest Post: Pet Store

Pet Store - Trish Alber
Thanks to Facebook friend Trish Alber for this page, nice job! Submit your own creations here:

Guest Post: Zombeast

Zombeast - saeria
Guest Post: Zombeast

If movies had zombie animals, the main characters wouldn’t last 30 minutes. Nicely done by saeria!

Guest Post: Beastly

Beast - ladymarie
Guest Post: Beastly

There wasn’t much of a happily ever after. Reddit user ladymarie shared this page, excellent as always!

Guest Post: Little Dolly


Guest Post: Little Dolly

Dear little Dolly, quiet your screams, if you don’t shut your trap, I’ll rip out your seams. Thanks to Huff Ma’Crayon for this submission!