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Remember you can submit your own pages via social media or on the main site!  I’ll pick the best and share them with the world. Show us your worst!

Send Your Corruptions!

Send your heinous creations via social media or through the main site. I’ll share the best of the best!

Submit Your Page!

Just a friendly reminder that all submissions are welcome via direct message on social media or through the main site. Show us your depravity!

Free Coloring Page Library!

Hey everyone! I’m excited to announce the release of a new section on the site: Free Coloring Pages! You can download blank pages to corrupt (or for your kids or whatever) right from the website. I’ve got tons of pages ready for you to print and color! I hope to continue to expand the library in my free time as well, so check back for more.

Check it Out!

NSFW Filter Added

Good news! You can now sort of safely browse the main site. The most NSFW posts have been blurred out for your convenience. The rest of the posts are still terrible. Risky move of the day! Good luck!

Not Dead. Stand By.

It’s shocking I know, but I am actually still living. I hope to be sharing some heinous coloring pages soon (and more often). Thanks for sticking around if you have all this time. You’re more loyal than me!

Send Your Corruptions!

You may have thought I was dead. Turns out I’m not! Joke’s on you! So send me more of your sweet sweet corruptions so I may share them with the world. Submit your work via the website, Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit for a chance to be featured!

Summer Time

With warm weather upon us and the great outdoors calling, I’ve decided to forgo posting on the weekends. You’ll continue to get your fix for twisted creations on the week days. And of course, you can always submit your pages at any time via the main website or any connected social media. Hope you’re all enjoying your summer!

Digital Depravity

That’s it for today’s Digital Depravities. Thanks to all the talented artists who shared their work! Stay tuned tomorrow for your regularly scheduled dose of crayon fueled perversions! And remember, you can submit your own work via the main website or social media: Happy coloring!

Digital Corruptions

Though the preferred medium for submissions is crayon or colored pencils, I’ve been receiving some excellent digital works. Today I thought I’d share some of the best. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some digital depravity.

Now on Pinterest

If you have a debilitating Pinterest addiction, you can now follow the depravity there:


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20K Reddit Subs

20,000 Reddit Subscribers

Thanks so much to the 20K+ Redditors out there for joining our community! If you haven’t checked out our sub yet, take a look!

Share Your Work

Just a quick reminder to all the readers out there – your submissions are welcome! Submit via the website, Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit. The funniest pages will be shared with the world! Check out the main site for all the social links. Thanks for reading, and happy corrupting!

Amazing Submissions

Amazing Submissions

First of all I just want to thank everyone who has submitted their hilarious pages. Keep up the great work, you’re bringing laughs to a lot of people! For those who haven’t shared yet, you are always welcome to submit your own coloring corruptions via the website, Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. The links to each can be found at the top of the main site:

After several requests, I thought I’d also share a few personal practices on how to make and submit great pages!

  1. Picking a page – Be imaginative! Try to find a picture you can corrupt in an unexpected way. If you have several ideas and can’t pick one, wait awhile and see which one makes you laugh a second time.
  2. Corrupting – Take a picture before coloring, the side by side comparison usually makes the end result even funnier. Don’t worry about editing them into one image, you can submit both and I’ll put them together!
  3. Taking pictures – Put a piece of black paper (I use construction paper) behind your page to help hide the bleed through of the picture on the back.
  4. Lighting/Angles – If using a camera for pictures, lay your page on a flat surface, slightly off center from an overhead light source. Stand so the light is to your right or left and the page is in front of you. This way you can hold the camera directly above the page without your shadow ending up in the image. This should also keep the angle fairly straight on. Example: I put my pages on the end of the kitchen table, off center from the overhead light.

Hopefully you’ll find a few of these useful! Happy corrupting!

Thank You!

Thanks to our many new fans!

I’m happy to say the site has been updated and should now be able to withstand your devastatingly powerful attentions. I’ve also been receiving numerous submissions via Reddit, Facebook and the main site. You guys have some dark, sinister, twisted minds. I think we’ll be great friends. Keep em’ coming! I’ll be posting up the best of them! Thanks again, and I hope you’ll stick around for the fun.

Submit Your Coloring Book Corruption!

Create Your Own Corruptions

Have you made a horrific creation of your own? Send it in and I’ll share the best submissions! Submit your pages via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or our Website.

Hello There!

Thanks for visiting. I hope you get some small amount of amusement from my little hobby.

I’ll be adding horrible coloring book pages before you know it. I’ve also set up Facebook and Twitter so you can follow me there if you prefer.