Guest Post: Alive

Kuato - azogburzum

Teddy is merely the host. Thanks to Reddit user azogburzum.

Guest Post: Innocence

Friends - perpetuality
Puppy thought he got a new friend, Puppy was wrong. Thanks to perpetuality via Reddit for this.

Guest Post: Baby Bear

Bad Bear - Brittany Arrigo
The world had never seen such evil, or something so adorable. Thanks to Brittany Arrigo for sharing!

Guest Post: Lucky Day

Sex Trade - Brittany Arrigo
Look’s like Lucky is having a hard time following instructions! Brittany Arrigo shared this page.

Guest Post: Heart Eater

CareBear - Tyler Hansen
One of the least popular members of the bunch. Thanks to Tyler Hansen for sharing.

Guest Post: Games

Game - Bambii_Eyes
Billy isn’t a very nice bear. Thanks to Bambii_Eyes for this page!

Guest Post: Pills

Teddy - Val Harris
Dora’s all set for a night of fun, Teddy not so much. Thanks to Val Harris for this one!

Guest Post: Bears

Bears - JBender
They are the number one threat to America. Thanks to JBender for sharing!

Guest Post: Bear Hug

Bear Hug - Kschub16
Mickey finds a friend. Great job from Reddit user Kschub16. Remember you can submit your own here:

Guest Post: Pipe Bear

High - Dan Dan
There’s a reason the Care Bears are always so happy. Thanks to Dan Dan for sharing!

Guest Post: High Bear

Care Bear - Michelle Davis
Thanks to Michelle Davis for this page! Have one of your own? Share it here:

Guest Post: Friend Bear

Care Bear - art_is_dumb
Guest Post: Friend Bear

This care bear would have made the show a lot different. Thanks to Reddit user art_is_dumb for submitting!

Guest Post: Bed Time

Octo - Sabz
Guest Post: Bed Time

Is that a thing? Beddy-bye? Thanks to Facebook friend Sabz for submitting this corruption!

Guest Post: Tranny Bear

Tranny Bear - w0wm0m
Guest Post: Tranny Bear

(S)he’s going to trip on those, I just know it. Thanks to w0wm0m for coloring this corruption!

Guest Post: Pimpin

pimpbear - Janelle
Guest Post: Pimpin

You know you’re big time when you can afford the goldfish shoes. Thanks to Janelle for sharing this page!

Guest Post: Polar Dilemma

Polar - Michael Manganelli
Guest Post: Polar Dilemma

The reason behind declining polar bear numbers surfaces. Thanks to Michael Manganelli for sharing this page!

Guest Post: Bear Lunch

Bear Lunch - Michael Manganelli
Guest Post: Bear Lunch

I wonder if he Instagramed it first? Thanks to Facebook friend Michael Manganelli for sharing this corruption.

Guest Post: Un-Bear-able

bear - Riley Fizzlybear
Guest Post: Un-Bear-able

Thanks to Riley Fizzlybear for sharing this page! Have one of your own? Share it!

Guest Post: Honeyed Snack

Picnic - John Devine
Guest Post: Honeyed Snack

Pooh’s obsession with honey made him a delectable treat. John Devine shared this page, nicely done!