Have an awesome Coloring Book Corruption of your own? Submit it and I’ll pick the best of the best to post with the artist’s username! Just fill out the form below to submit. Feel free to attach your work at the bottom or include a link in your message. For a few quick tips on how to make a great submission, check out this post!

4 thoughts on “Submit

  1. I don’t know if you got my submission (Vicious Viking) because when I tried to submit it, it said the destination wasn’t valid. I don’t know if this is an issue on my end or not. Love the site though. Keep them coming.

    • Hm I did not receive a submission from you. Feel free to try sending it again, or you’re more than welcome to submit it via any of my social pages. You can find the links for them above =)

      • Hey, do you think I can submit a digital corruption? Because I don’t have the tech to take a picture of a coloring book corruption and put it on here or a coloring book.

        • You’re welcome to, but it might be awhile before it gets posted. Since digital isn’t really the aim here, I don’t post them regularly. Once in awhile I’ll gather up any digital works I’ve received and post them all in one day.

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