Amazing Submissions

Amazing Submissions

First of all I just want to thank everyone who has submitted their hilarious pages. Keep up the great work, you’re bringing laughs to a lot of people! For those who haven’t shared yet, you are always welcome to submit your own coloring corruptions via the website, Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. The links to each can be found at the top of the main site:

After several requests, I thought I’d also share a few personal practices on how to make and submit great pages!

  1. Picking a page – Be imaginative! Try to find a picture you can corrupt in an unexpected way. If you have several ideas and can’t pick one, wait awhile and see which one makes you laugh a second time.
  2. Corrupting – Take a picture before coloring, the side by side comparison usually makes the end result even funnier. Don’t worry about editing them into one image, you can submit both and I’ll put them together!
  3. Taking pictures – Put a piece of black paper (I use construction paper) behind your page to help hide the bleed through of the picture on the back.
  4. Lighting/Angles – If using a camera for pictures, lay your page on a flat surface, slightly off center from an overhead light source. Stand so the light is to your right or left and the page is in front of you. This way you can hold the camera directly above the page without your shadow ending up in the image. This should also keep the angle fairly straight on. Example: I put my pages on the end of the kitchen table, off center from the overhead light.

Hopefully you’ll find a few of these useful! Happy corrupting!

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