Guest Post: Magic

Magic - Gilliam
Rainbow Dash underestimates how far Twilight will go. Thanks to Gilliam for posting!

Guest Post: Pills

Teddy - Val Harris
Dora’s all set for a night of fun, Teddy not so much. Thanks to Val Harris for this one!

Guest Post: Bears

Bears - JBender
They are the number one threat to America. Thanks to JBender for sharing!

Guest Post: Art

Art - Jackeline hendricks
Squidward’s talent is mostly unappreciated. Thanks to Jackeline Hendricks for sharing!

Guest Post: No Worries

Worries - Pam B
The secret to the song is more than just a phrase. Thanks to Pam B. for sharing!

Guest Post: Showers

Shower - atomic_tango

Pooh finds himself disappointed yet again. Thanks to Reddit user atomic_tango for sharing.

Guest Post: Pork

Pigs - NeonLimaBean
Things can get pretty crazy down at the Bacon Pit. Thanks to NeonLimaBean for this page!

Secret Garden

The first time was just to see how it felt. Have a corruption of your own? Submit it here:

Guest Post: Hooked

Hook - indwelling_fire
Not all the children made it out safely. Thanks to Reddit user indwelling_fire for sharing!

Guest Post: Riches

Gold - l_yo
She ain’t lookin’ for no broke… prince. Thanks to Reddit user l_yo!

Guest Post: Flying High

Dragon - FranklinandbashEd
Part of a dragon’s daily training regiment. Nicely done by Reddit user FranklinandbashEd.