Guest Post: Sisterly Disagreement

Elsa and Anna really need to work on better ways to communicate. Thanks to pants22 for this page.

Guest Post: Swapped

BuzzWoody - i_like_carrot
Woody helps Buzz get a grip on what they are about to do. Thanks to Reddit user i_like_carrot for sharing.

Guest Post: Overflow

Overflow - Brittany Arrigo
I wonder, could Lambie make them from her own fleece? Thanks to Brittany Arrigo for sharing.

Guest Post: Secrets

Tied Up - Brittany Arrigo
After seeing 50 Shades of Gray, the toys found new activities to try. Thanks to Brittany Arrigo for this one!

Guest Post: Ocean Toys

Mermaid - john sedlmayer
Ariel volunteers to try out the latest products. Thanks to John Sedlmayer for this page!

Guest Post: Shuckin’

Amish - AllysseWotan
Guest Post: Shuckin’

Every one is hand made from natural materials. Reddit user AllysseWotan did a great job on this page.

Guest Post: Sexploring

Exploring - Julie Doe
Guest Post: Sexploring

What a fine day to explore sexuality. Facebook friend Julie Doe shared this page.

Guest Post: Toy Story

Woody - ishowernaked2
Guest Post: Toy Story

Personally I prefer the Woody to have a Buzz. Reddit user ishowernaked2 shared this page.

Guest Post: Dolls

Dolls - King of CrayonsGuest Post: Dolls

At Christmas time, little Lisa purges the weakest of the toys. Thanks to King of Crayons for yet another excellent page.

Guest Post: Toy Story Strip Club

Toy Story Strip Club - iTypewriter

Guest Post: Toy Story Strip Club

You can really see Hamm questioning his life choices. Thanks to iTypewriter for ruining our childhoods.