Guest Post: Mistakes

Torture - BourbonFox
Luckily for the victim, Cletus hadn’t practiced his torture plan. Thanks to Reddit user BourbonFox for this page.

Secret Garden

The first time was just to see how it felt. Have a corruption of your own? Submit it here:

Guest Post: Clowning Around

Clowning - KingCornucopia
Angelica likes to play with the kitty. Another great page from Reddit user KingCornucopia!

Guest Post: Information

Talk - Grawger
It’s only going to get worse Barry. Thanks to Grawger for this page!

Guest Post: Horsing Around

Horse - CΘΘkiedΘugh12
Guest Post: Horsing Around

You may not touch his exquisitely soft mane. This corruption by CΘΘkiedΘugh12!

Guest Post: Dentistry

Dentist - yellowdays
Guest Post: Dentistry

A lack of operating license won’t stop this budding dentist. Thanks to Reddit user yellowdays for this page.