Guest Post: Jump

Sometimes you just can’t wait. Thanks to ZombieJesus_vs_FSM for this page.

The Perfect Match

Dreams of flight, up in smoke. Don’t forget your can submit your own corruptions via the main site or social media!

Guest Post: Finding Emo

In an alternate universe Nemo was never lost, but instead developed severe depression. Thanks to pants22 for sharing!

Guest Post: Dishonor

Piglet brought dishonor to his family. Thanks to untimely_demise for sharing.

Guest Post: Lonely

Lonely - dkyguy1995
If the phone doesn’t ring soon, he’ll do it. Thanks Reddit user dkyguy1995!

Guest Post: Dangler

Hang - wjp97
So that’s how they turn purple. Reddit user wjp97 shared this page.

Dog Days

Dog Life
Spot took matters into his own hands one fateful afternoon. Share your own corruptions here:

Guest Post: Goodbye Mickey

Minnie - swerv-guitar-fingers
Guest Post: Goodbye Mickey

Thanks to Reddit user swerv-guitar-fingers for this page. Color your own and share it here!

Guest Post: Encouragement

Hanging - Sabz
Guest Post: Encouragement

Fuzzy lacks confidence, but uses positive self talk to gain courage. Facebook friend Sabz strikes again.

Guest Post: Danger Mouse

Mouse - King of Crayons
Guest Post: Danger Mouse

A bomb that size could have destroyed an entire box of crackers. Another creative corruption from King of Crayons.

Mouse’s End


Mouse’s End

Pablo told his friend to get the cheese not knowing it was a trap. Now he can’t live with himself.