Guest Post: Devilish

Little Timmy sure can be a handful sometimes. Thanks to PaleArrows for sharing.

Guest Post: Round

After so long, things get weird in the woods. Thanks to Crazy_buffalo20 for sharing.

Guest Post: Apostles

Apostles - Lolzebracakes
In an alternate universe the characters in the story were a bit different. Thanks to Reddit userĀ Lolzebracakes for sharing.

Guest Post: Baby Bear

Bad Bear - Brittany Arrigo
The world had never seen such evil, or something so adorable. Thanks to Brittany Arrigo for sharing!

Guest Post: Hail Satan

Satan - Tito609
It wasn’t actually an asteroid that did it, but widespread Satanic worship. Thanks to Reddit user Tito609 for this page.

Guest Post: Royal Ritual

Ritual - Stephanie
The princess always gets to play what she wants. Thanks to Stephanie for this page!

Guest Post: Reflections

Split Personality - Robbie
Guest Post: Reflections

Nobody suspected the beast Snowball held within. Thanks to Robbie for this page, nicely done!

Guest Post: Little Lamb

Lamb - Paige Rayo
Guest Post: Little Lamb

I don’t know what’s happening here, but I think I like it. Thanks to Paige Rayo for this page.

Guest Post: Flower Power

flowers - Laura Jane
Guest Post: Flower Power

Murdering small, helpless, beautiful flowers is a great way to blow off some steam. Nicely done by Laura Jane.