Guest Post: Old One

Santa - azogburzum
He’s coming to town, there’s no hope left.  Reddit user azogburzum shared this piece.

Guest Post: Vacation

Claus - Emily McAfee
Someone really needed some time away from the husband. Thanks to Emily McAfee for sharing!

Guest Post: Mickey-Napped

Sacked - pavlovscats1223
Mickey uses a popular character to close in on unsuspecting victims. Another great job from Reddit user pavlovscats1223.

Guest Post: Naughty

Naughty - Natalie McDonald‎
Guest Post: Naughty

He’s had enough of the bad kids. Thanks to Facebook friend Natalie McDonald‎ for this one!

Guest Post: Santa’s Helper

Santa - Julie Mattis
Guest Post: Santa’s Helper

Santa gets an early present form a helpful elf. Thanks to Facebook friend Julie Mattis, an excellent first submission!