Guest Post: Jump

Sometimes you just can’t wait. Thanks to ZombieJesus_vs_FSM for this page.

Guest Post: Smoke Stacks

There are worse things than being flag handler. Thanks to Isabelle for submitting this one.

Guest Post: Encounters

Lights - LauraRapunzel secretly wishes to be probed. Thanks for sharing Laura!

Guest Post: Hairy Situation

Chair - KingCornucopia
Flynn finds himself bound once more by a relentless captor. Well done Reddit user KingCornucopia!

Guest Post: Risky Rescue

Rescue - Melissa Pate
Flynn spent a lot of time at the bottom of that tower. Thanks to Facebook friend Melissa Pate for this page!

Guest Post: Tug of War

Maximus - Ashleigh Westcott
Guest Post: Tug of War

Rapunzel and Maximus decided to just split the asset they really wanted. Facebook friend Ashleigh Westcott provided this page.

Guest Post: Rapunzels

Rapunzel - ladymarie
Guest Post: Rapunzels

Getting out of that tower really made Rapunzel into a different person. Continued kudos to Reddit user ladymarie for another great page.

Guest Post: Mother Nympho

Mother - Ashleigh Westcott
Guest Post: Mother Nympho

Flynn has the worst luck, or possibly the best? Another wicked page from Facebook friend Ashleigh Westcott.

Guest Post: Axed

Rapunzel - Ashleigh Westcott

Guest Post: Axed

Always take into account that loss of sanity that comes with being isolated in a tower for several years. Facebook friend Ashleigh Westcott colored this corruption.