Guest Post: Sassy Sailor

Jake - Kaiser
I’ve never watched this show. Looks fun. Thanks to Kaiser for sharing.

Guest Post: Paint Day

Painting - perpetuality
It’s always so satisfying to get started on those art projects you’ve been planning. Thanks to perpetuality via Reddit!

Guest Post: Magic

Magic - Gilliam
Rainbow Dash underestimates how far Twilight will go. Thanks to Gilliam for posting!

Guest Post: Shooting Star

Rainbow Bridge - King of Crayons
Guest Post: Shooting Star

You can do so much with so little. King of Crayons shows what one small change can do with this page.

Guest Post: Dance Club

Castle Gayskull - Vince KramerGuest Post: Dance Club

Doesn’t matter if I’m straight, this place looks like a good time. Vince Kramer colored this fabulous castle.

Guest Post: Adventure

PoohPiglet -ladymarie
Guest Post: Adventure

Pooh and piglet take their friendship to the next level. Another work from Reddit user ladymarie.

Guest Post: Brotherly Love

mario-luigi - Mediddly
Guest Post: Brotherly Love

Enough with the princess already, the future is now, and it’s fabulous. Stone provided this portrait of pleasure.