Guest Post: Surprise Gift

“Oh you shouldn’t have!” Thanks to iamvvv for sharing.

Guest Post: Petting Farm

Grover was no longer welcome after the incident came to light. Thanks to AiryHola502 for sharing.

Guest Post: Your Gal

Minnie goes to great lengths to please Mickey. Great job by Huff Ma’Crayon!

Guest Post: Friend Bear

Care Bear - art_is_dumb
Guest Post: Friend Bear

This care bear would have made the show a lot different. Thanks to Reddit user art_is_dumb for submitting!

Guest Post: Pegasus

Pegasus - BourbonFox
Guest Post: Pegasus

The majestic Pegasus is um, uh, good lord! Reddit user BourbonFox created this sleazy character.

Guest Post: No Hands

Puppets - TraCity
Guest Post: No Hands

Elmo has incredible dexterity! Thanks to Reddit user TraCity for this corruption.

Guest Post: Step Two

Box - TraCity
Guest Post: Step Two

He puts the “big” in Big Bird. Another corruption from Reddit user TraCity.

Guest Creation: Dino Eggs

Dino Surprise - Phil C
Guest Post: Dino Eggs

I guess the theme today is dinosaurs that get progressively dirtier. Phil C. shared this particularly corrupt page.