Guest Post: Down Here

We’re all cookies down here..  Thanks to born_2_pizza for this one.

Guest Post: Glow

Guardian - Maya Corredor
A golden light in the dark provides the distraction. Another page from Facebook friend Maya Corredor!

Guest Post: Head Games

Head - Maya Corredor
Barney really knows how to get ahead. I’ll let myself out. Thanks once again to Facebook Friend Maya Corredor for this page!

Guest Post: Faces

Faces - Maya Corredor
I love you, you love me, we’re GOING TO KILL YOU. Another creepy piece of art from Facebook friend Maya Corredor!


Mary’s dog is in for a surprise! Color your own and submit them here:

Guest Post: Dinner Served

Dinner - Maya Corredor
Guest Post: Dinner Served

I don’t think I want to eat at this restaurant…This page was submitted by talented Facebook friend, Maya Corredor.

Guest Post: The Hills

Hills - Spook
Guest Post: The Hills

Thanks to Spook for this creepy corruption! Color and share your own here:

Guest Post: Monster Mash

Monster - yu4everaclone
Guest Post: Monster Mash

This Jack-O-Lantern got a different kind of candy. Reddit user yu4everaclone colored this page.

Guest Post: City Attack

Aladdin - ryegye24
Guest Post: City Attack

Release the Kraken! Reddit user ryegye24 shared this page.

Guest Post: Just Say No

Cookie Monster - Dakota
Guest Post: Just Say No

Had Cookie Monster been the anti-drug campaign mascot I think it would have stuck more. Nicely done Dakota!