Guest Post: Honey

So sweet and sticky, a cub can’t resist! Thanks to pants22 for this page.

Guest Post: Magical Moment

Mickey and Minnie have a date night. Thanks to airwrecka91 for this one.

Business Trip

Mickey’s finally moved up the ranks enough to go on a business trip! Don’t forget you can submit your own corruption via social media or the main site!

Guest Post: Perfect Puff

Perfect - DrowningPuppies
Mickey takes a breather. Another post from Reddit user DrowningPuppies.

Guest Post: Bear Hug

Bear Hug - Kschub16
Mickey finds a friend. Great job from Reddit user Kschub16. Remember you can submit your own here:

Guest Post: Olaf

Olaf- onijake
Olaf finds a new hobby! Thanks to Reddit user onijake for this, great job!

Guest Post: Your Gal

Minnie goes to great lengths to please Mickey. Great job by Huff Ma’Crayon!

Guest Post: Mickey-Napped

Sacked - pavlovscats1223
Mickey uses a popular character to close in on unsuspecting victims. Another great job from Reddit user pavlovscats1223.

Guest Post: Time’s Up

Time - pavlovscats1223
Mickey completes his New Year’s Resolution this time. Thanks to Reddit user pavlovscats1223 for this one!

Guest Post: Bad Boy

Pluto - Please_Play_Nice
Pluto had an accident for the third time this week. Thanks to Reddit user Please_Play_Nice!

Guest Post: Minnie’s Habit

Minnie High - Please_Play_Nice
After Mickey left the downward spiral began. Thanks to Reddit user Please_Play_Nice for this one!

Guest Post: Baked Goods

Cookies - yellowdays
Guest Post: Baked Goods

By Mickey’s actions, I’d say they’ve already had a batch. Reddit user yellowdays shared this page!

Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume

Goofy goes to great lengths for an accurate costume. Share your own pages here:



Minnie enjoys a little afternoon delight. Color and share your own corruptions here:

Guest Post: On Set

On Set - Matt Smith
Guest Post: On Set

Donald always gets stuck with the worst job. Thanks to Matt Smith for this great page.

Guest Post: Megaton Mickey

Bomb - iain010100
Guest Post: Megaton Mickey

Hah hah! Bye bye folks!! Thanks to iain010100 for this excellent corruption.

Guest Post: Goodbye Mickey

Minnie - swerv-guitar-fingers
Guest Post: Goodbye Mickey

Thanks to Reddit user swerv-guitar-fingers for this page. Color your own and share it here!

Guest Post: Trippy Mickey

Mickey Frog - gingasaurusrexx
Guest Post: Trippy Mickey

Mickey licks his first toad. Thanks to Reddit user gingasaurusrexx for this post.

Guest Post: Mickey’s Hunt

Mickey Hunt - James Waldron
Guest Post: Mickey’s Hunt

Guns aren’t fair, real men/mice use melee weapons. Thanks to Facebook friend James Waldron for this one!

Guest Post: Moto Mickey

Bad Boy - TraCity
Guest Post: Moto Mickey

And with one final rev, the quacking stopped once and for all. A great first page from Reddit user TraCity.