Guest Post: Biter

Bites - ecrone
Ariel’s love of biting goes to far once again. Thanks to Reddit user ecrone for sharing!

Guest Post: Underwater Dead

Ariel - Anonymous
Zombie mermaids would be pretty terrifying. Thanks to the Anonymous poster!

Guest Post: Sushi

Sushi -  perpetuality
Ariel just had a hankering for fresh fish. Thanks to Reddit user perpetuality for sharing!

Pesky Pelican

Petey Pelican has a particular dislike for mermaids. Share your own corruptions here!

Guest Post: Ocean Toys

Mermaid - john sedlmayer
Ariel volunteers to try out the latest products. Thanks to John Sedlmayer for this page!

Guest Post: Anatomy

Skeletal - Wearelouder
A closer look at the Little Mermaid. Nice job from Reddit user Wearelouder.

Guest Post: Muertos

Dead - IsMayonaiseAUsername
Guest Post
: Muertos

Thanks to Reddit user IsMayonaiseAUsername for this page. Share your own corruptions here:

Guest Post: Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch - Lainycat
Guest Post: Deadliest Catch

She’ll make a lot of sushi but the taste is questionable. Thanks to Reddit user Lainycat for this corruption!

Guest Post: Zedding

Wedding - IsMayonaiseAUsername
Guest Post: Zedding

Thanks to Reddit user IsMayonaiseAUsername for this page! Color and share your own here:



Ariel forgets to take her meds and loses it at the big dinner. Submit your own here!

Guest Post: Flipper’s Feast

Ariel - ladymarie
Guest Post: Flipper’s Feast

Dolphin’s thrive on the blood of innocents. Another great corruption for Reddit user ladymarie.

Guest Post: Seduction

Sebastian - Michelle Suhar
Guest Post: Seduction

The moment flounder has been waiting for so long finally arrives. Thanks to Facebook friend Michelle Suhar for this page.

Guest Post: Deadly Mermaid

Ariel - Kimber Whitmore‎
Guest Post: Deadly Mermaid

This would be a terrifying new monster and a movie I would watch. Facebook friend Kimber Whitmore‎ provided this page.