Guest Post: Vacation

Claus - Emily McAfee
Someone really needed some time away from the husband. Thanks to Emily McAfee for sharing!

Guest Post: Tea Party

Smokers - Stephanie
Is that what they’re calling it these days? Another great submission from Stephanie.

Guest Post: Fish Bowl

Fish - smileydude0
Frank finally found a use for that stupid tank decoration. Thanks to reddit user smileydude0 for sharing.

Guest Post: No Worries

Worries - Pam B
The secret to the song is more than just a phrase. Thanks to Pam B. for sharing!

Guest Post: Flying High

Dragon - FranklinandbashEd
Part of a dragon’s daily training regiment. Nicely done by Reddit user FranklinandbashEd.

Guest Post: Perfect Puff

Perfect - DrowningPuppies
Mickey takes a breather. Another post from Reddit user DrowningPuppies.

Guest Post: Munchies

Munchies - zahsome
Now we know why Pooh has trouble with eating habits. Thanks to Reddit user zahsome for sharing.

Guest Post: Pipe Bear

High - Dan Dan
There’s a reason the Care Bears are always so happy. Thanks to Dan Dan for sharing!

Guest Post: Princess Pot

Princess - john sedlmayer
Thanks to John Sedlmayer for this page! Have one of your own? Share it here:

Guest Post: High Bear

Care Bear - Michelle Davis
Thanks to Michelle Davis for this page! Have one of your own? Share it here:

Guest Post: Clifford

Clifford - apalmer12
Clifford the Big High Dog is having the best birthday ever. Thanks to Reddit user apalmer12 for this one.

Guest Post: Charlie

Charlie - Michelle Davis
Guest Post: Charlie

He finally found a way to deal with life. Michelle Davis colored this corruption!

Guest Post: Dora Explores

Dora - Lainycat
Guest Post: Dora Explores

Dora and Boots relax after a long day. Thanks to Reddit user Lainycat for this page!

Guest Post: High Times

Gator - Fooberdoober97420
Guest Post: High Times

I don’t know what this creature is, and right now neither does he. Thanks to Reddit user Fooberdoober97420 for sharing!

Guest Post: Caterpillar

Smoke - SassafrasBlues1992
Guest Post: Caterpillar

This is basically Alice in Wonderland right? Nicely done by Reddit user SassafrasBlues1992.


Guest Post: Shaggy

shaggy - King of Crayons
Guest Post: Shaggy

Off camera, Shaggy shows no restraint. Thanks to King of Crayons for this page.