Guest Post: Sushi

Sushi -  perpetuality
Ariel just had a hankering for fresh fish. Thanks to Reddit user perpetuality for sharing!

Guest Post: A Leg Up

Ariel - Sara Watrobski
Ariel and Flounder share some quality time together. Great job Sara Watrobski!

Guest Post: Ocean Toys

Mermaid - john sedlmayer
Ariel volunteers to try out the latest products. Thanks to John Sedlmayer for this page!

Guest Post: Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch - Lainycat
Guest Post: Deadliest Catch

She’ll make a lot of sushi but the taste is questionable. Thanks to Reddit user Lainycat for this corruption!

Guest Post: Seduction

Sebastian - Michelle Suhar
Guest Post: Seduction

The moment flounder has been waiting for so long finally arrives. Thanks to Facebook friend Michelle Suhar for this page.