Guest Post: Solitude

You don’t move out to the middle of nowhere by yourself for any other reason. Thanks Nicole S. for sharing.

Guest Post: Balloon Heads

Billy brought his balloons to the park, it did not go over well. Thanks to rebel_girl_jaxi for sharing.

Guest Post: Skool

Vets - John James
The Vets in training needed to see how the insides worked. Thanks to John James for this page.

Guest Post: Cuddly Kitty

Mice - Lupevs
Another adorable, cuddly, fluffy ball of murder. Thanks to Reddit user Lupevs for this page!

Guest Post: Pony Play

pony - Miku Meowstic Candi Izayoi‎
Guest Post: Pony Play

Painting corpses is fun! Facebook friend Miku Meowstic Candi Izayoi‎ provided this page.