Guest Post: Patrick’s Pole

Patrick - Brittany Arrigo
Patrick makes a name for himself at the local club. Thanks to Brittany Arrigo for sharing!

Guest Post: Pork

Pigs - NeonLimaBean
Things can get pretty crazy down at the Bacon Pit. Thanks to NeonLimaBean for this page!

Guest Post: Stage Thor

Thor - zahsome
Looks like Thor lost his dignity as well. Thanks to Reddit user zahsome for this page!

Guest Post: Zombie Gala

Princess - cara8bishop
She was the prettiest corpse at the Ball! Thanks to Reddit user cara8bishop for sharing!

Guest Post: Bad Kitty

Bad Kitty - Freckles818
Say Hello to Kitty at the local club for me. Thanks to Reddit user Freckles818 for this page!

Guest Post: Mystique

Mystique - ladymarie
Guest Post: Mystique

Another great name for a “dancer.” Reddit user ladymarie shared this piece.

Guest Post: Seussthulu

Cthulu - Jacob
Guest Post: Seussthulu

Always treat your elders with respect. Thanks to Jacob who did an excellent job with this page.

Guest Post: Disco Inferno

Disco - Lolzebracakes
Guest Post: Disco Inferno

Jesus has a fever. Reddit user Lolzebracakes shared this page.

Guest Post: Unicorns

Unicorns - aceflight17
Guest Post: Unicorns

Unipires? Vampicorns? Thanks to Reddit user aceflight17 for this one.

Guest Post: Mouse Moves

Minnie Pole - Red GevhereGuest Post: Mouse Moves

Minnie’s just trying to put herself through college, her parents don’t understand. Red Gevhere provided this excellent corruption.