Guest Post: A New Grinch

Once he learned to love himself, he could embrace his true identity. Thanks to zenzizenzizenzike for sharing.

Guest Post: Killmas

Ranedeer - Dustin Dzop Frakes
Some of the reindeer were easier to look upon than others. Dustin Dzop Frakes shared this one, thanks!

Guest Post: Metal Christmas

kvlt - Trent Crowe
They’re going to make the most metal Christmas ever. Thanks to Facebook friend Trent Crowe for sharing!

Guest Post: Holiday Blues

Patrick - cvpoulton
Guest Post: Holiday Blues

Someone turns into a Grinch near the holidays. Thanks to Reddit user cvpoulton for sharing.

Guest Post: Santa’s Helper

Santa - Julie Mattis
Guest Post: Santa’s Helper

Santa gets an early present form a helpful elf. Thanks to Facebook friend Julie Mattis, an excellent first submission!