Guest Post: The Climb

The woods are a bit different these days than I remember. Thanks to Magdalena for sharing.

Guest Post: Milkshake

Milkshake -azogburzum
Many aspects of their relationship was left out of the movie. Thanks to Reddit user azogburzum for this page.

Guest Post: Skool

Vets - John James
The Vets in training needed to see how the insides worked. Thanks to John James for this page.

Guest Post: Supper

Lion - spanxxxy
Leonard once again cheated on his diet. Thanks to spanxxxy via Reddit for this one.

Guest Post: Paint Day

Painting - perpetuality
It’s always so satisfying to get started on those art projects you’ve been planning. Thanks to perpetuality via Reddit!

Guest Post: Overflow

Overflow - Brittany Arrigo
I wonder, could Lambie make them from her own fleece? Thanks to Brittany Arrigo for sharing.

Guest Post: Hearts

Hearts - PoisonYvy
She’ll steal your heart before you know what happened. This corruption brought to you by Reddit user PoisonYvy!

Guest Post: Red

Red - Beth Thorington
Is this some kind of horrible office prank? Thanks to Facebook friend Beth Thorington and her sister for this page!

Guest Post: Soup

Bowl - lolipoops
Snow White collects the ingredients for her famous soup. Great job from Reddit user lolipoops.

Guest Post: Family

Pets - spookyrach
Guest Post: Family

A family that kills together stays together! Thanks to spookyrach for sharing!

Guest Post: Puppy Plays

Pup - sheepledtoslaughter
Guest Post: Puppy Plays

Puppy makes the river run red with the blood of his enemies! This page corrupted by Reddit user sheepledtoslaughter.

Guest Post: Baby Vamp

Vampire Baby - angelcakeca on tumblr
Guest Post: Baby Vamp

They’re so cute at this age. Thanks to angelcakeca on tumblr for sharing!

Guest Post: The Music

Music - Lena gonzales
Guest Post: The Music

She doesn’t take criticism well. This page corrupted by Lena Gonzales, well done!

Guest Post: The Painter

Painter - TittyScribble
Guest Post: The Painter

Very creatively colored by TittyScribble. Remember to share your own here!

Guest Post: Bubble Death

Tub - Hello Kitty Hell
Guest Post: Bubble Death

Next up in today’s Hello Kitty theme brought to you by Hello Kitty Hell! Remember to submit your own here:

Guest Post: Carrie

Carrie - Zachery Sansom‎
Guest Post: Carrie

That night she painted the town red. Facebook friend Zachery Sansom‎ created this corruption!

Guest Post: Blood Sport

Bat - CobainOfToledo
Guest Post: Blood Sport

Thanks to CobainOfToledo for sharing this page. Share your own here:

Guest Post: Pony Paints

Guest Post: Pony Paints

She just needed that perfect shade of red. The creator of this corruption is unknown.