Guest Creation: Market

Kelly figured out the secret to making money fast! Thanks to Michael H. for sharing.

Guest Post: Lives Matter

The Care Bears are getting a little too political IMO. Thanks to TheDurableBarmaid for sharing.

Guest Post: Subtlety

This one’s a bit less obvious. Subtle, I like it. Thanks to Benardr for sharing!

Guest Post: Thief

Bike - Lawlish
Old man Rutherford doesn’t let age blind his racism. Thanks to Lawlish for sharing.

Guest Post: Wrong Order

Drinks - iNatty
I’ll never be able to look at a tea pot (or black woman?) the same again. Thanks to Reddit user iNatty for this page.

Guest Post: Magic

Magic - Gilliam
Rainbow Dash underestimates how far Twilight will go. Thanks to Gilliam for posting!

Guest Post: Metal Christmas

kvlt - Trent Crowe
They’re going to make the most metal Christmas ever. Thanks to Facebook friend Trent Crowe for sharing!

Guest Post: Welfare

Welfare - Sabz
Guest Post: Welfare

Marvin isn’t ashamed of his financial woes. Facebook friend Sabz shared this page.



Is it still racism with mice? Share your own corruptions on our social pages or here:

Guest Post: Holy Hill

Burn - Sabz
Guest Post: Holy Hill

Betty decides getting close enough for an Instagram pic is a bad idea. Thanks go out to Facebook friend Sabz for this page.

Guest Post: Marshmallow Bigots

Marshmallow - nage82
Guest Post: Marshmallow Bigots

Nothing in those eyes but sugary misguided judgement. Reddit user nage82 provided this treat.