Guest Post: Little Nipper

This is why we ask if it’s okay to pet the puppy. Thanks to TraCity for sharing.

Guest Post: Biter

Bites - ecrone
Ariel’s love of biting goes to far once again. Thanks to Reddit user ecrone for sharing!

Guest Post: Minnie Swims

Minnie - Please_Play_Nice
Minnie goes for an unforgettable swim. Great job from Reddit user Please_Play_Nice.

Guest Post: Baby Vamp

Vampire Baby - angelcakeca on tumblr
Guest Post: Baby Vamp

They’re so cute at this age. Thanks to angelcakeca on tumblr for sharing!

Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

City raised Cheryl assumes all horses are friendly. Cheryl is a fool. Share your own corruptions!