Guest Post: Fishing

They’re cute together, until it’s too late. Thanks to RossPrevention for this page.

Guest Post: Family

The family that kills together, stays together. Thanks to SomeDingo8MyBaby for sharing!

Guest Post: Salt

Times were different then. Thanks to Etheral_hawk for this one.

Guest Post: Pterror

Those pesky transformers, can never tell if they’re friendly or not until it’s too late. Thanks to Rosalyn H. for sharing.

Guest Post: Hail Dude

Everyone hoped it was just a phase. Thanks to Scott for this page!

Guest Post: Subtlety

This one’s a bit less obvious. Subtle, I like it. Thanks to Benardr for sharing!

Guest Post: Tractor

What a lovely morning on the farm. Thanks to AskamilliusReddiquis for sharing.

Guest Post: Lab

Don’t you hate unexpected guests? Thanks to untimely_demise for this one!

Guest Post: Jigsaw

Who wants to play a game? Thanks to SomeDingo8MyBaby for sharing!

Free Coloring Page Library!

Hey everyone! I’m excited to announce the release of a new section on the site: Free Coloring Pages! You can download blank pages to corrupt (or for your kids or whatever) right from the website. I’ve got tons of pages ready for you to print and color! I hope to continue to expand the library in my free time as well, so check back for more.

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Guest Post: Reaching

Poor guy, he’s so close! Thanks to Crazy_buffalo20 for this one!

Guest Post: Dishonor

Piglet brought dishonor to his family. Thanks to untimely_demise for sharing.

Guest Post: Chick

The hottest chick in the establishment. Thanks to Jini C. for sharing!

Guest Post: Smoke Stacks

There are worse things than being flag handler. Thanks to Isabelle for submitting this one.

Guest Post: Prey

Prey - Crazy_buffalo20

It’s fun when they run! Thanks to Crazy_buffalo20 for this page.

Guest Post: Party Rock

He ain’t afraid to show it. Thanks to aprilify for sharing!

Guest Post: Party

Once filming is done, it’s a good time for everyone. Thanks to Bianca F. for this one!

Guest Post: Madness

Alice tumbles into true Madness. Thanks to Sarah E. Brown for sharing!


Despite your best efforts, sometimes you get it in the face. Submit your own corruptions here:

Guest Post: Snitch

Someone will definitely be needing stitches. Great job by blue_lines!