Guest Post: Zombiecorn

At least it comes with a rainbow! Thanks to BigBadDog for sharing!

Guest Post: A New Book

Not a lot else to do in a big empty castle. Thanks to -insert_pun_here- for this one.

Guest Post: Jail Bird

The others are afraid to ask what he did. Thanks to DirtyThi3f for sharing.

Guest Post: Bear Hug

Who wants a hug? Thanks to Huff Ma’Crayon for this page.

Guest Post: Magical Moment

Mickey and Minnie have a date night. Thanks to airwrecka91 for this one.

Guest Post: Revenge

In a not so distant future those kids who burned ants are going to have some regrets. Thanks to BoredPony for sharing.

Guest Post: Hopped

The rabbits around here sure are chill. Thanks to pants22 for sharing.

Guest Post: School Yard

Don’t you just wish they’d stay young forever? Oh. Maybe not… Thanks to TeePublic for sharing!

Guest Post: Frosty Treat

Gotta get that keratin somehow! Thanks to RCascanbe for this page.

Guest Post: Pollution

This place really went to crap after the tourist found it. Thanks to Huff Ma’Crayon for this page!

Guest Post: Fetch

Well.. he brought it back, that’s good I guess. Thanks to Courtgerm for this page.

Guest Post: Sponge Bath

His devotion knew no bounds. Thanks to Shaneleejent for this page!

Business Trip

Mickey’s finally moved up the ranks enough to go on a business trip! Don’t forget you can submit your own corruption via social media or the main site!

Guest Post: Solitude

You don’t move out to the middle of nowhere by yourself for any other reason. Thanks Nicole S. for sharing.

Share Your Corruptions!

Remember you can submit your own pages via social media or on the main site!  I’ll pick the best and share them with the world. Show us your worst!

Guest Post: X-Ray

I always knew he was the pervy one! Thanks to philitup4437 for this!

Guest Post: Here’s Woody

You can fit the whole pecker in there! Thanks to pants22 for sharing!

Guest Post: Curious Captor

George is always getting into trouble these days. Thanks to EPIDIDYMIS_HUMMUS for sharing.

Guest Post: Round

After so long, things get weird in the woods. Thanks to Crazy_buffalo20 for sharing.

Guest Post: Favorites

He’s had enough of your shit. Thanks to themauve4venger for this page!