The Perfect Match

Dreams of flight, up in smoke. Don’t forget your can submit your own corruptions via the main site or social media!

Business Trip

Mickey’s finally moved up the ranks enough to go on a business trip! Don’t forget you can submit your own corruption via social media or the main site!


Cersei’s at it again, the little scamp! #GoTS7 in less than a week! #PrepareForWinter my friends!!


Despite your best efforts, sometimes you get it in the face. Submit your own corruptions here:

Secret Garden

The first time was just to see how it felt. Have a corruption of your own? Submit it here:


If you don’t send this to 13 friends, Pumpkinhead Boy will appear in the dead of night and scalp you while your dog and grandmother watch. He’ll then feed your scalp to your dog and make your Grandmother sob “Good Dog!” repeatedly. THEN he’ll scalp them both too and make them wear each others scalps like hats! At this point he’ll force your dog to kill your grandmother! Finally he’ll kill the dog, stuff it, and give it to your younger sibling as a toy! 2SPOOKY4ME! Happy Halloween everyone!

A Father’s Help

Fathers Help
His father hates it when he squirms. Submit your own coloring corruptions here!

Dog Days

Dog Life
Spot took matters into his own hands one fateful afternoon. Share your own corruptions here:

Pesky Pelican

Petey Pelican has a particular dislike for mermaids. Share your own corruptions here!

Fox Fun

You can’t be mad at those adorable foxy eyes. You can share your own creations here:

Tiny Violence

Drunk with power, those with weapons began to turn on the others. Share your own corruptions here:


Mary’s dog is in for a surprise! Color your own and submit them here:

Film Making

Film Making

They really did live happily ever after, in HD. Color and share your own corruptions here!

Tickle Me

Tickle Me

I felt weird making this, but no regrets. Corrupt your own and submit them here!

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

What worlds await her slumbering mind? Have a corruption of your own? Share it here!



Ariel forgets to take her meds and loses it at the big dinner. Submit your own here!



He’s had enough of her tiny antics! Color your own corruptions and share them here!