Guest Post: Pollution

This place really went to crap after the tourist found it. Thanks to Huff Ma’Crayon for this page!

Guest Post: Fetch

Well.. he brought it back, that’s good I guess. Thanks to Courtgerm for this page.

Business Trip

Mickey’s finally moved up the ranks enough to go on a business trip! Don’t forget you can submit your own corruption via social media or the main site!

Guest Post: Solitude

You don’t move out to the middle of nowhere by yourself for any other reason. Thanks Nicole S. for sharing.

Share Your Corruptions!

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Guest Post: Here’s Woody

You can fit the whole pecker in there! Thanks to pants22 for sharing!

Guest Post: Curious Captor

George is always getting into trouble these days. Thanks to EPIDIDYMIS_HUMMUS for sharing.

Guest Post: Round

After so long, things get weird in the woods. Thanks to Crazy_buffalo20 for sharing.

Guest Post: Favorites

He’s had enough of your shit. Thanks to themauve4venger for this page!

Guest Post: Bike Ride

Jimmy finds some motivation to go fast! Thanks to Kai Malchow for this page.

Guest Post: Petting Farm

Grover was no longer welcome after the incident came to light. Thanks to AiryHola502 for sharing.

Guest Post: Booze

He really soaks up the alcohol. Get it? Cuz he’s a sponge! Guys? Thanks to thefucksalami for sharing!

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Guest Post: Anti-Peace

The umbrella was good planning on her part. Thanks to BoredPony for sharing.

Guest Post: Finding Emo

In an alternate universe Nemo was never lost, but instead developed severe depression. Thanks to pants22 for sharing!

Guest Post: Bills

One day Bertha, we’ll have universal horse healthcare. Thanks to Crazy_buffalo20 for this page!

Guest Post: Little Nipper

This is why we ask if it’s okay to pet the puppy. Thanks to TraCity for sharing.