Guest Post: Bear Hug

Bear Hug - Kschub16
Mickey finds a friend. Great job from Reddit user Kschub16. Remember you can submit your own here:

Guest Post: Bagged

Bagged - meomio22
Look he’s napping with the fish! Thanks to Reddit user meomio22 for this one.


If you don’t send this to 13 friends, Pumpkinhead Boy will appear in the dead of night and scalp you while your dog and grandmother watch. He’ll then feed your scalp to your dog and make your Grandmother sob “Good Dog!” repeatedly. THEN he’ll scalp them both too and make them wear each others scalps like hats! At this point he’ll force your dog to kill your grandmother! Finally he’ll kill the dog, stuff it, and give it to your younger sibling as a toy! 2SPOOKY4ME! Happy Halloween everyone!

Guest Post: Hearts

Hearts - PoisonYvy
She’ll steal your heart before you know what happened. This corruption brought to you by Reddit user PoisonYvy!

Dog Days

Dog Life
Spot took matters into his own hands one fateful afternoon. Share your own corruptions here:

Guest Post: Cuddly Kitty

Mice - Lupevs
Another adorable, cuddly, fluffy ball of murder. Thanks to Reddit user Lupevs for this page!

Guest Post: Keep Staring

Laser - zahsome
Nothing like the smell of burning blue bird in the morning. Thanks to Reddit user zahsome for this page.

Guest Post: Family Ties

Miracle - ShaneJentlemen
A family that burns together stays together. Great job by ShaneJentlemen!

Guest Post: Time’s Up

Time - pavlovscats1223
Mickey completes his New Year’s Resolution this time. Thanks to Reddit user pavlovscats1223 for this one!

Guest Post: Aim

Circle - Atenay
The latest in hunting technology reveals them in their natural environment. This page brought to you by Atenay!

Guest Post: Spike Snaps

Spike - Lady_BeepBop
Thanks to Reddit user Lady_BeepBop for this page. Color and share your own here:

Guest Post: Soup

Bowl - lolipoops
Snow White collects the ingredients for her famous soup. Great job from Reddit user lolipoops.

Guest Post: Pet Store

Pet Store - Trish Alber
Thanks to Facebook friend Trish Alber for this page, nice job! Submit your own creations here:

Fox Fun

You can’t be mad at those adorable foxy eyes. You can share your own creations here:

Tiny Violence

Drunk with power, those with weapons began to turn on the others. Share your own corruptions here:

Guest Post: Good Grief

Good Grief - Foxy_Cleopatraa
Oh Charlie Brown, what have you gotten into this time? Well done by Reddit user Foxy_Cleopatraa!


Mary’s dog is in for a surprise! Color your own and submit them here:

Guest Post: Run Faster

Smurf - Michelle Davis
Guest Post: Run Faster

Thanks to Michelle Davis for this corruption! Have one of your own? Submit them here:

Guest Post: Dog Walking

Next - shitjohannahsays.tumblr
Guest Post: Dog Walking

It’s not the safest of ways to feed your dogs, but it works. This page colored by