Guest Post: Royal Ritual

Ritual - Stephanie
The princess always gets to play what she wants. Thanks to Stephanie for this page!

Guest Post: Patrick’s Pole

Patrick - Brittany Arrigo
Patrick makes a name for himself at the local club. Thanks to Brittany Arrigo for sharing!

Guest Post: Chip

Chip - MistaSnowmanThey have entirely too much time in that castle. Thanks to reddit user MistaSnowman for this page!

Guest Post: Cinderella

Poison - Stephanie
She’s so sick of all these tiny animals flocking around her. Thanks to Stephanie for another great page.

Guest Post: Creepman

Creepman - Dustin Dzop Frakes
Here we see an example of winter magic gone wrong. Thanks to Dustin Dzop Frakes for sharing!

Guest Post: Digging

Digging - Crystal Rose Selburn

Hello Kitty adds some fertilizer to the garden. Thanks for sharing Crystal Rose Selburn!

Guest Post: Tea Party

Smokers - Stephanie
Is that what they’re calling it these days? Another great submission from Stephanie.

Guest Post: Magnet

Magnet - Brittany Arrigo
Parick had an overabundance of self confidence for awhile. Thanks to Brittany Arrigo for this page.

Guest Post: Change

Keeping the world’s water free of change. Thanks to reddit user EPIDIDYMIS_HUMMUS for sharing.

Guest Post: Heart Eater

CareBear - Tyler Hansen
One of the least popular members of the bunch. Thanks to Tyler Hansen for sharing.

Guest Post: Asteroid

Meteor - RufusStJames
It’s okay, they had a good run. Thanks to reddit user RufusStJames for sharing.

Guest Post: Roast

Roast - Stephanie
Rabbit was the best roommate, he never judged Dragon for his diet. Thanks to Stephanie for this page!

Guest Post: Furry

Furry - Sascha St. George
Well, now I get the deal with the monkey. Thanks to Sascha St. George for this one!

Guest Post: Overflow

Overflow - Brittany Arrigo
I wonder, could Lambie make them from her own fleece? Thanks to Brittany Arrigo for sharing.

Guest Post: Killmas

Ranedeer - Dustin Dzop Frakes
Some of the reindeer were easier to look upon than others. Dustin Dzop Frakes shared this one, thanks!

Guest Post: Secrets

Tied Up - Brittany Arrigo
After seeing 50 Shades of Gray, the toys found new activities to try. Thanks to Brittany Arrigo for this one!

Guest Post: Marked Minnie

Minnie - Tyler Hansen
Mickey was the natural suspect, but the crime was never solved. Thanks to Tyler Hansen for another great page.

Guest Post: Upgrade

Silas has some big plans for the night. Reddit user EPIDIDYMIS_HUMMUS shared this one.

Guest Post: Train Ride

Poland - Stephanie
The woman looked nice enough. Shared by Stephanie, nicely done!

Guest Post: Olaf’s Demise

Sacrifice - Moriartyismypudding

Olaf failed to notice the signs of the sisters’ spiral into madness. Thanks to reddit user Moriartyismypudding.