Guest Post: Perfect Puff

Perfect - DrowningPuppies
Mickey takes a breather. Another post from Reddit user DrowningPuppies.

Guest Post: Buzzed

Brains - Kschub16
Donald has the worst luck. Thanks to Reddit user Kschub16.

Guest Post: Good Time

Whale Hunt - DrowningPuppies
Thar she blows! Great job Reddit user DrowningPuppies.

Guest Post: Faces

Hello - We_found_peaches
Hello, want to be friends? Thanks to Reddit user We_found_peaches!

Guest Post: Bear Hug

Bear Hug - Kschub16
Mickey finds a friend. Great job from Reddit user Kschub16. Remember you can submit your own here:

Guest Post: Bagged

Bagged - meomio22
Look he’s napping with the fish! Thanks to Reddit user meomio22 for this one.

Fly By

I’m starting off the year with a poop joke. Here’s to a great one (year that is)!

Guest Post: Adult Scroll

Sister - MrsAvlier

Thanks to Reddit user MrsAvlier for this one. Submit your own here: