Guest Post: Octopussy

New Experience - swerv-guitar-fingers
Reddit user swerv-guitar-fingers colored this corruption, nice job! Remember to share your own creations here:

Guest Post: Metal Christmas

kvlt - Trent Crowe
They’re going to make the most metal Christmas ever. Thanks to Facebook friend Trent Crowe for sharing!

Guest Post: Munchies

Munchies - zahsome
Now we know why Pooh has trouble with eating habits. Thanks to Reddit user zahsome for sharing.

Guest Post: Red

Red - Beth Thorington
Is this some kind of horrible office prank? Thanks to Facebook friend Beth Thorington and her sister for this page!

Guest Post: Cuddly Kitty

Mice - Lupevs
Another adorable, cuddly, fluffy ball of murder. Thanks to Reddit user Lupevs for this page!

Guest Post: Pipe Bear

High - Dan Dan
There’s a reason the Care Bears are always so happy. Thanks to Dan Dan for sharing!

Guest Post: Film

Film - john sedlmayer
In her youth Belle was quite the rebel. Thanks to John Sedlmayer for another fine page.

Pesky Pelican

Petey Pelican has a particular dislike for mermaids. Share your own corruptions here!