Guest Post: Party

Once filming is done, it’s a good time for everyone. Thanks to Bianca F. for this one!

Guest Post: Milkshake

Milkshake -azogburzum
Many aspects of their relationship was left out of the movie. Thanks to Reddit user azogburzum for this page.

Guest Post: Biter

Bites - ecrone
Ariel’s love of biting goes to far once again. Thanks to Reddit user ecrone for sharing!

Guest Post: Christopher

Christopher - Miwles
Life in the 100 acre woods took a turn for the worse. Thanks to Reddit user Miwles.

Guest Post: Bus

These youngster start the brainwashing early. Thanks to EPIDIDYMIS_HUMMUS for posting.

Guest Post: Thief

Bike - Lawlish
Old man Rutherford doesn’t let age blind his racism. Thanks to Lawlish for sharing.

Guest Post: Underwater Dead

Ariel - Anonymous
Zombie mermaids would be pretty terrifying. Thanks to the Anonymous poster!

Guest Post: Apostles

Apostles - Lolzebracakes
In an alternate universe the characters in the story were a bit different. Thanks to Reddit userĀ Lolzebracakes for sharing.

Guest Post: Two Faced

Twofaced - kwajperson14
Dear Daniel is looking different these days. Thanks to Reddit user kwajperson14.

Guest Post: Tanked

Tanked - Michelle Nicole
Kitty underestimates the family fish. Michelle Nicole shared this page, thanks!

Guest Post: Invitation

Suffering - WildBeards
Dora extends the offer of companionship to the locals. Reddit user WildBeards shared this page.

Guest Post: Sushi

Sushi -  perpetuality
Ariel just had a hankering for fresh fish. Thanks to Reddit user perpetuality for sharing!

Guest Post: Stranger

Stranger - Clarissa Martin
There were not in fact any puppies in the man’s basement. Thanks to Clarissa Martin for sharing.

Guest Post: Rancid

Stink - Unkle John
Susie’s eyes burned and ran from the acrid stench. Thanks to Unkle John for sharing!