Guest Post: Pie

Smurfed - IneffableDefinable
Those crazy smurfs and their games. Thanks to Reddit user IneffableDefinable for sharing.

Guest Post: Lonely

Lonely - dkyguy1995
If the phone doesn’t ring soon, he’ll do it. Thanks Reddit user dkyguy1995!

Guest Post: Encounters

Lights - LauraRapunzel secretly wishes to be probed. Thanks for sharing Laura!

Guest Post: Koala

Koala - AskamilliusReddiquis
If you know much about Koalas, you might enjoy this. Thanks to Reddit user AskamilliusReddiquis.

Guest Post: Official

Hans - Arcinization
Prince Hans has more secrets thanĀ  you might expect. Thanks to Reddit user Arcinization for this one.

Guest Post: Dangler

Hang - wjp97
So that’s how they turn purple. Reddit user wjp97 shared this page.

Guest Post: Second Thoughts

ElsaAbort - LoverlyRails
Elsa reconsiders many of her prior actions. Some more than others. Thanks to Reddit user LoverlyRails.

Guest Post: Grenades

As Barney and friends aged, their political view points changed drastically. Thanks to Reddit user EPIDIDYMIS_HUMMUS for sharing.

Guest Post: Tastes

Food - skattastic

Hm yes, what indeed. Quite. Thanks to Reddit user skattastic for this one.