Guest Post: Hairy Situation

Chair - KingCornucopia
Flynn finds himself bound once more by a relentless captor. Well done Reddit user KingCornucopia!

Guest Post: Smoke Fed

Sunflower - orangenotred
Isn’t this some kind of cannibalism? Thanks to Reddit user orangenotred for this page!

Guest Post: Pee Police

Pee - KingCornucopia
They’ve been caught yellow.. footed? Thanks to Reddit user KingCornucopia!


If you don’t send this to 13 friends, Pumpkinhead Boy will appear in the dead of night and scalp you while your dog and grandmother watch. He’ll then feed your scalp to your dog and make your Grandmother sob “Good Dog!” repeatedly. THEN he’ll scalp them both too and make them wear each others scalps like hats! At this point he’ll force your dog to kill your grandmother! Finally he’ll kill the dog, stuff it, and give it to your younger sibling as a toy! 2SPOOKY4ME! Happy Halloween everyone!

Guest Post: Thoughts

Thoughts - DouglassFunny
Pooh struggles to keep focused on the important things in life. Thanks to Reddit user DouglassFunny for sharing!