Guest Post: T-Buster

Buster - paleeoguy4
Millions of his ghostly kind plague the Earth. Great job from Reddit user paleeoguy4!

Guest Post: Ocean Toys

Mermaid - john sedlmayer
Ariel volunteers to try out the latest products. Thanks to John Sedlmayer for this page!

Guest Post: Hatched

Egg - Maya Corredor
Another corruption from Facebook friend Maya Corredor! Color and share your own here:

Guest Post: High Bear

Care Bear - Michelle Davis
Thanks to Michelle Davis for this page! Have one of your own? Share it here:

Guest Post: Clifford

Clifford - apalmer12
Clifford the Big High Dog is having the best birthday ever. Thanks to Reddit user apalmer12 for this one.

Guest Post: Farming

Farming - Maya Corredor
Who’s ready for some barn fun? Another great page from Facebook friend Maya Corredor!

Guest Post: Anatomy

Skeletal - Wearelouder
A closer look at the Little Mermaid. Nice job from Reddit user Wearelouder.

Guest Post: Stripes

Zebra - Skipfox23
Thanks to Reddit user Skipfox23 for this page. Color and share your own here:

Guest Post: Sisters

Sister - DutchTouch11
She couldn’t figure out why he looked so pleased with himself over a game of chess. Well done from Reddit user DutchTouch11.

Guest Post: Minnie Swims

Minnie - Please_Play_Nice
Minnie goes for an unforgettable swim. Great job from Reddit user Please_Play_Nice.

Guest Post: Soup

Bowl - lolipoops
Snow White collects the ingredients for her famous soup. Great job from Reddit user lolipoops.

Guest Post: Pet Store

Pet Store - Trish Alber
Thanks to Facebook friend Trish Alber for this page, nice job! Submit your own creations here:

Guest Post: Head Games

Head - Maya Corredor
Barney really knows how to get ahead. I’ll let myself out. Thanks once again to Facebook Friend Maya Corredor for this page!

Guest Post: Monkey Business

Curious Monkey - Michelle Davis
This curious little monkey is withing your price range. This page colored by Michelle Davis!

Guest Post: Martian

Martian - jrredwing
Who knew Hello Kitty kept such entertaining company? Reddit user jrredwing shared this page, nice job!

Guest Post: Movie Night

Exorcist - Lainycat
Oh this is my favorite scene! Thanks to Reddit user Lainycat for this page!

Guest Post: Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff - Maya Corredor
What a delicious tray… of… I’ll just be leaving. Thanks to Facebook friend Maya Corredor for another disturbing corruption!